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what is facilitysafe?


FacilitySAFE is a holistic approach to keeping your business safe and secure. Through risk assessments and training, FacilitySafe will expose gaps and opportunities in your current safety and security plans.

Our training courses promote and empower your staff to become True First Responders to their crisis. We combine lecture with hands-on, butts out of the seats training to impact the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). This is the system where fight or flight is programmed – SNS style training involves adding a little stress and duress into scenario-based training.

People do not naturally rise to superhuman levels of performance when responding to an active threat – they fall to their basic levels of survival and training. We partner with you to empower your staff to prevail through a crisis.


FacilitySAFE Services

On-Site Staff Training

This engaging, interactive course combines information and application for a fun, optimal learning experience; it includes both lecture and hands-on, scenario-based training.

The active training is scenario based. It is safe and organized, designed to activate participants’ sympathetic nervous system (“fight or flight” response) so the training is not only theory but practice. This approach has been proven to have the greatest uptake of information while ensuring that all employees are equipped and empowered mentally and physically to get into action when a threat is real and imminent.

2-Hour & 4-Hour Trainings Available 


Online training courses offer the opportunity for larger groups to receive training, allows self-paced learning, schedule flexibility and can ensure new hires, temps, and other employees receive annual training. (Coming Soon)

Risk Assessment

By taking a risk-based approach to measuring physical security, an organization can learn where to focus its time, money, and energy to realize the greatest return on investment for its safety and security planning. Find out more HERE

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There IS a cost to doing NOTHING! A head in the sand approach to safety and security will no longer serve your organization. 

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