Learn where to focus your time, money, and energy to get the greatest return on investment for your safety and security planning.


Save Time, Money & Energy

To create a workplace that is both safer and more productive, risk assessments are essential. Your organization's capacity to foresee and prepare for hazards can be seen clearly when you analyze and assess the gaps in safety and security programs.

A risk assessments will:

  • Determine the security strengths and weaknesses of your company.
  • Determine how risks and weaknesses may affect your business's bottom line.
  • Enhance emergency response, prevention, and recovery procedures.
  • Create a culture that prioritizes safety

Risk Solutions


Basic Solution (smaller organizations - less than 15,000sf / 25 or less employees)

  • An initial 45 min assement call/video with leadership to ask safety & security questions regarding the facility and personnel
  • Printable Audit Checklist provided via email
  • Review/Follow-up 30 min call/video with leadership
  • Investment starts at $299

Virtual Risk Assessment

Budget & Time Friendly Semi - Custom Solution

  • An initial 45 min assement call/video with leadership. Video and photos will be required from organization
  • Custom Audit Report
  • Roadmap for risk mitagation
  • Review/Follow-up 45 min call/video wit leadership
  • Investment starts at $799

In-Person Risk Assessment

Custom & All Inclusive Solution

  • An initial 45 min assement call/video with leadership
  • 2-5 days on-site assessment & interviews (depending on size & scope of your organization)
  • In person IRATE (Intruder Response/Active Threat Education) Training for your staff
  • Custom In-depth Report 
  • Detailed Report with solutions for mitagation 
  • Review/Follow-up 45 min call/video with leadership
  • Investments starts at $3995

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