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Ezekiel or Zeke (for short 😀) have partnered together since the middle of 2021 when he was rescued. He was found cold and shivering on a cold Texas night in a rural area of the county where without intervention he likely would have perished. He’s about a year and a half old Chihuahua or Pewhuahua (as we say) and is working his way to becoming a legit police K9.

When most people see Zeke in his tactical vest, they really don’t believe that he can be a police K9 – and in a traditional sense they are right. Zeke isn’t a normal K9 as is commonly understood – he doesn’t work narcotics or take down suspects – he serves with his heart.

Zeke is in training to be a police therapy dog! As the chief of my department, I believe that there is a huge, missed opportunity for us to better serve our customers, especially in times of crisis. That is where Zeke comes in. When there is a crisis such as a traffic accident, an unintentional death or even a domestic incident there are victims that are experiencing the worst moment of their life. When Zeke shows up, he immediately goes into comfort mode by wanting to be held and petted. He’s not hyperactive and just sits patiently as he gets love and affection and gives it back by just being present.

Zeke and I know that there are sometimes gaps between police and the communities we serve. We’re here to build a bridge, open communication and to make people laugh and smile. Thanks for being on this journey with us! 


Name: Ezekial "God Strengthens"

Weight: 5lbs

Breed: Chihuahua

Adoption Date: April 23, 2021 

Favorite Treat: BLUE Bites Natural Soft Dog Treats

Dog Food: Zeke eats Ollie's human-grade meat, produce and superfood dog food

Grooming: Zeke gets groomed every 5-6 weeks.

Zeke loves to sleep (alot). He also enjoys snuggling, cuddling, finding sticks, having his belly rubbed, eating treats, tearing up any paper he can find, hiding under the bed, and dressing up in cute outfits to make Tik Tok videos

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